Tonight we launch our next round with new LRR member Isaac Rathbone (check back Saturday to learn what questions current LRR playwright Jen Browne has for him).

Today we launch the segment of our blog where we prove our relevance, intelligence, and general with-it-ness: the #LRRIT Weekly Round-Up.


1. String cheese is God’s writing snack. String cheese scores high on the two major Writing Snack Factors: 1) It is delicious and tasty. 2) It prevents us from doing any actual work by occupying our hands. Yes, please, we’ll take that whole pack of Polly-O.

2. The Happily Ever Robots Team We want to endlessly repeat the ridiculously talented ensemble experience led by the fearless Sara Lyons and John Hurley.

3. Jen B. and Mariah M. Like to Eat the Same Things.  Watch out for this soon-to-be-hit webseries, featuring guest appearances by Brandon L. as Jen B.’s decorator, and Tim D., demonstrating the Approved Yale Method of Using Flashcards.

4. Apparently they put Finnish babies in boxes. This is not a joke. In fact, it’s a pretty good idea.

5. Prancercise We’re hiring Joanna Rohrbach for our next retreat. We want to move like the horses, dance like the horses, prance like the horses…


1. The NSA reading this blog post.  Actually, though, we need the publicity. Hey, NSA, come see our next round of short plays! Although we guess you will have read them all anyway through your unlimited access to our private emails. Ha! Oh. Sad for America.

2. Prancercise. Two minutes into the Prancercise video, we’ve decided never mind, none of us own ankle weights.

3. Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop. Curse your red velvet donuts, you sugar sorcerers! Cro-nuts pale in comparison to your wonders.

4. The recent decline in Broadway sales.  But on the other hand, two women won for best director at the Tonys! Take that, sexism.

5. It’s March…in June. Take back your weather, you frigid hag of a month.

Tune in later this week for a recap of Isaac’s play and our very first #selfie interview.


lather, rinse, repeat