Ah how the tables have turned….Gina Femia having just given up the hot seat herself turns investigative reporter in this in-depth interview with Amanda Keating!

Gina Femia: What’s your process when you write?  Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you do before you put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard?

Amanda Keating: It’s usually just fingers to keyboard for me, or occasionally pen to paper. I’m pretty obsessed with silence, so I’ve gotta work somewhere quiet or just tell everyone around me to please shut up (which I’ve been known to do).


GF: What are you doing when you’re not writing?

AK: Probably working one of two jobs, going to a show, or eating/drinking with friends. Beyond that, I’d like to tell people I’m either cooking or playing my ukulele, but I’m probably just binge watching TV and ordering in.


GF: Can you describe a moment while you were writing where you scared or surprised yourself?  How did that impact you as a writer?

AK: Hmm…nothing specific comes to mind. But I can say that the most exciting moments I have when writing are when a character does something to surprise me. I feel like I’m always striving for this – to listen closely and carefully enough to my characters that I catch them doing something I’m not expecting.


GF: Is there something that you want to write that you haven’t yet had a chance to explore in play form?

AK: Lots of things. Right now, I’ve got something on the back burner that involves vacuum cleaners, AOL instant messenger, and an immaculate conception.


GF: Describe your ideal night of theatre.

AK: I like ’em short and sweet, but it really doesn’t matter what it looks like or sounds like as long as it gets me in the feels.


GK: Tell me a story from your childhood.

AK: When I was little, my grandmother was around a lot and she’d sometimes pick me up from school. While we were driving home, she would tell me to keep watch out the back window of the car because “the police were after us.” I’d report to her what the police were doing, yell at her to drive faster, and give her directions for how to best outrun them. Despite these regular brushes with the law, we never got caught, and always made it home where she would continue to cultivate my flair for the dramatic.


GK: What’s your favorite season?  Why?

AK: I grew up in New England, so I’m big into seasons in general. Fall is my favorite, which might just be because it’s the most fleeting. By the time you start to enjoy it – the turning leaves, the crisp, chilly nights – it’s already starting to give way to winter, which is undeniably The Worst Season in my book.

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Thank you Gina and Amanda for some #amazing #selfie #interviews.  We’ve got one more #newmember to reveal.  So keep your eyes peeled for #Selfie 4.3 where the dearly beloved Lauren Ferebee digs in with Matt Barbot!