Lather, Rinse Repeat is blessed to have actor, yoga teacher and all around lovable guy, Nick Neglia on-board for the upcoming shorts series, Mistakes Were Made: A Night of Rom-Com and Political Shorts.  For this round of questions playwright Jen Browne tapped into Nick’s twitter account for inspiration.  Be sure to read the whole thing!

#selfie 2.0  is an interview series where Lather, Rinse, Repeat playwrights interview the actor ensemble for their next night of short plays.  Playwrights have free reign over the questions. The interviewee must then post an actual selfie, because we told them to.

JEN B.    Based on several tweets I think it would be safe to say you really liked Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812.  What was it about this show and perhaps other recent pieces of theater that really get you excited?  What do you look for in a potential project or character?

NICK N.     I love long, Russian Novels.  Natasha, Pierre… is based off of War & Piece so it is pretty much right up my alley.  I would say that new ways to approach old stories always get me really excited about theater.  You can only get so much out of reading something.  When looking at characters or potential projects, obviously I go where the work is, but also, once cast, I really do try and take time to figure out what it is that I and nobody else can bring to the production or the character.

JEN B.    It seems we have both at one time or another absorbed some of the “Poetry in Motion” entries on the subway.  Do you have a favorite mass transit poem or otherwise?  Do you think public art initiatives like this are important?  If you received a large grant to create a public work of art what would you do?

NICK N.     Yes for all things public art!  I forget what the poem was, but they always remind me of reading poetry out loud to my class mates during first year at drama school.  Anything E.E. Cummings can make me feel all emotions.  I spent my summer working with the New York Restoration Project performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  It was bilingual and was performed in public parks all over the Bronx, Brooklyn and Harlem.  Each performance, we had audience members tell us that it was their first experience with Shakespeare.  It was a fantastic production, but it was also fantastic to be involved in something that wasn’t just for a specific group of people to appreciate.  With a large grant of money, immediately I would send it to public schools that are losing funding for the arts.  It is so much easier to get people when they are young to realize how important art can be for your soul.

 JEN B.    If your uncle paid your rent how would you live your life differently?

NICK N.    Haha.  If my uncle paid for my rent, I would be famous because I wouldn’t be spending all my damn money on rent!  I would have time to do other things that could further my career.

JEN B.    Let’s talk about Nashville, you seem to be a fan of this prime time drama, I am too.  Why do you think this show works?  If you could create a role for yourself on the show who would you be, where would you go and what fires might you cook up?

NICK N.    Love Nashville.  Love country music.  I think the show works because it is just equal parts everything (including trashy).  It is pretty much my guilty pleasure that I can not stop talking about.  I would definitely be cast as someone who would be able to say bitchy things with Juliette, sing beautiful duets with Scarlett, and then make out with Gunner.  I would be that guy who goes around saying, “I don’t want drama” and then pisses everyone off.

JEN B.    Aside from the public’s inability to maneuver umbrellas and of course the onslaught of tourists you claim to still love New York.  Why?  What keeps your heart beating for this crazy city?

NICK N.     I will always love New York.  I think it is pretty fashionable for people to go around saying otherwise.  Most of my NY friends have moved to LA where they claim to be “happier.”  I don’t know what that is all about.  I think other cities make it really easy for you to be focused on one thing.  New York is constantly grabbing your attention and putting it elsewhere.  It takes you one place and then throws you somewhere else.  When dealing with New York, I just accept what is happening, where I am at, and then find the positive of the situation.  I am definitely an optimist, so that helps.  Plus, I just would not be able to see incredible pieces of theater like Natasha Pierre… anywhere else

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Nick and his pooch!

Nick and his pooch!