Julia Giolzetti is a rockstar member of our acting company for our Fall Shorts series of (mostly) political plays, recently playing a role in a RomCom date play about sex-cannibalism. So, needless to say, she has a lot of range as an actress! Read on about the superiority of In ‘N Out to all so-called “burgers” in this city, what about new plays excites Julia, and find out about a music video featuring one of Julia’s best body parts…
#selfie 2.0  is an interview series where Lather, Rinse, Repeat playwrights interview the actor ensemble for their next night of short plays.  Playwrights have free reign over the questions. The interviewee must then post an actual selfie, because we told them to.
TIM D. Do you have a favorite role that you have performed? What made it stand out?
JULIA G. In 2009, I played a 12 year old girl in a production called Pink! with Down Payment Productions. It was a 90 minute real time thrill ride which took place in a single cabin. I, along with my 4 castmates, became completely immersed in the world of tweens, including going on a 2 day “retreat” where we stayed in character and came up with team cheers and such. It was great because I got to sing a song about Twilight, play with period blood, get shaving creamed in the face, and have a total emotional meltdown every night. Weirdly, after the show lots of strangers told me “I completely identified with you.” Lots of closeted 12 year old girls out there, apparently.
TIM D. Like me, you are a California transplant to New York City. Do you still feel like a Californian at heart? What does that even mean? What are your favorite and least favorite parts of this big ol’ town?
JULIA G. I moved to New York from San Diego 9 years ago last month. I feel like having spent so many years here now, New Yorker-ness is creeping in on my Californian-ness (those are definitely not words). I like to curse out cabbies and people on CitiBikes, but I usually end up shouting some California-ism at them like “Cool man!” or “Way to run that red light dude!”. Everyone to me is a dude. I like to wear flip flops everywhere and get confused when people think it is gross, and Valley Girl up-speak does creep into my speech. And I spend every winter muttering about how I am moving back to California ASAP. NYC likes: Gray’s Papaya, walking everywhere, the one time per year it snows and doesn’t immediately turn into brackish sludge. Dislikes: the 6 train and having to carry groceries. And no In N Out…what is UP with that.
TIM D. Do you think the Chargers will do well this season?
JULIA G. The Chargers are terrible. I’m saying this from a place of love–I was indoctrinated at an early age and try to make it out to at least one home game each year. The O line is just sad. Rivers throws almost as many INTs as TDs. Only a miracle could get us into the playoffs, let alone finishing at .500.
TIM D. Which nonexistent people close to Manti Te’o do you expect to die?
JULIA G. I predict his goldfish will die of fish cancer.
TIM D. What excites you most when you read a new play (or a classic)?
JULIA G. I enjoy reading any plays, new or otherwise, because I love discovering characters and voices. Anytime a character has to go through crazy shit, or reveals some universal life truth, I am definitely drawn to play with that. We all experience insane shit (especially in this city) and we all have moments where we figure something out or have earth shattering revelations. But being able, as an actor, to jump into another person and express those thoughts and feelings artistically so other people can share them is what it’s all about.
TIM D. What makes you instantly say “I have to play that role”?
JULIA G. If the part involved making out with a hot dude. Apologies to my husband.
TIM D. What are you working on next and where can we go to see more of you???
JULIA G. You can see me (hopefully) in the upcoming music video for the band Luscious Jackson. The song is called “Number One Bum”, and it’s about a very special butt. I also just began a year long journey with Theater in Asylum to devise a piece based on what it means to be extraordinary. I also also frequently perform entirely unrehearsed Shakespeare plays with the amazing group Accidental Shakespeare Company, and I am a company member of the Tempest Ladies, an all female ensemble devoted to making Shakespeare accessible through clear and engaging storytelling. Here is my website: www.juliagiolzetti.com
Julia at a Mayan ball court in the ruins of Coba, having just learned that court was used for blood rituals… hence the apprehensive face.