Adriana DeGirolami first came to LRR as a cast member of Lauren’s play Somewhere Safer, and hung around to be a part of our acting ensemble for our Fall Shorts Series.  In our first night, she brought some serious game to Rom-Com Night as a superhero, a cater-waiter, and a preying mantis.  Check out more of her work at

#selfie 2.0  is an interview series where Lather, Rinse, Repeat playwrights interview the actor ensemble for their next night of short plays.  Playwrights have free reign over the questions. The interviewee must then post an actual selfie, because we told them to.

LAUREN F. So, I’ve worked with you before and I know you’re a kickass artist who has done lots of impressive things. What are the highlights?

ADRIANA D. The projects I’ve been lucky enough to work on are impressive mostly because of the incredible people I’ve gotten to work with! But some of the highlights include the two unbelievable Fringe shows I’ve been a part of – the 2011 Winner for Best Play, “The More Loving One” and of course this past summer’s epic triumph “Somewhere Safer”. I was blessed to work with some of my closest friends on the films Drinking Games andProposals. And most recently I was on “The Late Show with David Letterman” singing and dancing around in a crop top. And you know that’s got to be a highlight.

LAUREN F. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done as an artist?

ADRIANA D. I was cast in a play that was largely made up of a collection of slam poetry. The play itself was beautiful; what’s weird is that I was cast in the first place. But if I’m ever asked to do slam poetry again, I’ll be, like, ready.

LAUREN F. What kind of projects really get you excited?

ADRIANA D. I love smart, witty, sharp work that entertains but also ignites conversation!

LAUREN F. I know you love to karaoke.  Tell me about your favorite karaoke songs.

ADRIANA D. [Don’t act like you know me, Lauren Ferebee!] My all-time best, most favorite karaoke song to crush is “Total Eclipse of the Heart”- the extended Bonnie Tyler version. Hands down, best song to get the crowd going. And I should know… I’ve seen them all.

LAUREN F. And finally, what are you working on now/next? Where can we see more of you?

ADRIANA D. In addition to being a part of this incredible collection of short plays brought to you by the masterminds behind Lather, Rinse, Repeat, you can catch me in the feature film, Drinking Games, out on iTunes. You can also check out my cameo as a loud-mouth lesbian on “The Better Half” series.