A Very Merry Round-up of Mariah MacCarthy’s “Safeword”

By  Isaac Rathbone

‘Twas the last night of our cycle, at Local 138

The members were stirring, to hear a play that was great.

The pints were poured by the bartenders with care,

In hopes that great tips would find a way there.

The playwrights were excited all snug in our seats,

Because Mariah writes plays like 80s Hip-Hop drops beats.

Gina finished her pizza, Natalie locked up her bike.

Jen Browne wrapped up her conversation with Ike.

When out of the actors’ lips arose clatter,

Clever lines about blogs and child poop splatter!

The piece had a tone that’s hardly absurd,

and happens in real time, this play called “Safeword.”

The pacing was steady, yet hardly didactic.

It also features an on-stage prophylactic.

When what to our wondering ears did we hear?

Characters who speak with love, caution and fear.

With dialogue that drives so lively and real,

MacCarthy’s play hit us right in the feels.

More rapid than eagles, the actors dove in,

And cried and shouted and made us all grin.

“I love you! I hate you!  And I sometimes don’t care!

But you’re making me hot in that new underwear!

To the bedroom, I say, and make no escape,

Let us now role-play a fantasy rape!”

So on through the pages, the readers they flew

With a play full of joys and sadness too-

And then, in a twinkling, “Safeword” came to a close,

With all of us pondering the characters’ woes.

We said our goodbyes to the acting duet,

Matthew and Briana, we shall never forget.

We stretched and we peed and then went straight to work,

Giving Mariah feedback without being a jerk.

We answered her questions as best as we could

with Liz Lerman’s structure always understood.

Then grabbing our coats and paying our tabs,

We left the Lower East Side by trains, bikes and cabs.

You could hear us exclaim, ere we rode out of sight,

“Happy Christmas to all, from the L.R.R. playwrights!”