Lather, Rinse Repeat is happy to have Tom Frank, a man of few words, as part of our acting ensemble for Mistakes Were Made! Isaac browbeat him into answering a few questions for us, despite his deep dislike for interviews.

#selfie 2.0  is an interview series where Lather, Rinse, Repeat playwrights interview the actor ensemble for their next night of short plays.  Playwrights have free reign over the questions. The interviewee must then post an actual selfie, because we told them to.

ISAAC R. How did you end up working with Lather, Rinse, Repeat?

TOM F. I did a play with Brandon’s husband a year ago.

ISAAC R. Where are you from originally? And how does that influence your work as an actor?

TOM F. Paris. Moving to the states as a kid and learning to assimilate was my first role as an actor.

ISAAC R. What do you enjoy most about working with playwrights and new plays?

TOM F.  The variety of possibilities and the passion/excitement of new material.

ISAAC R. What food do you crave after a few drinks?

TOM F. Another drink.

ISAAC R. In a reversal of the typical question to actors, what role would you absolutely hate to play?

TOM F. I have turned down work, not because the role itself was terrible, but because the dialogue, plot structure, and every other result of what could barely be called ‘writing’ was agonizingly terrible. It is hard for me to think of a role on its own that I wouldn’t at least want to explore.