This time Jen Browne gets a break, and instead you are left with the insanity of one Brandon Marianne Lee. In case you are new here and confused by that name, I am a woman with cute parents.

On to the plays!

Warriors of Adalandia by Matt Barbot

For the first time Matt Barbot brought in work to the Lather Rinse Repeat family, and we fell in love with his new play. The story depicts a brother and sister dealing with normal teenage stuff, like video games and baseball. But then you find out that their father is catatonic and his sister is actually a fairy princess, and all hell breaks loose. This play is unbelievably charming and yet asks some tough questions about growing up, identity and has some rather dark undertones that creates a rich tone that hooks your heart. Well done, rookie!

What we learned: IMG_5858

1. Our other new member, Gina Femia, is a female gamer like the heroine of Matt’s story. Her passion was palpable and was really fun to see and hear. And even though Gina was by far and away the most knowledgable with regards to the gamer culture, every single person who heard Matt’s play was in-the-know and absolutely understood how important this game was to each of the characters.

2. The old Yankees stadium was the better stadium. Matt had a line about it in his play and absolutely everyone agreed. #facts

3. Many of the members of the group had conspiracy theories as to who was in the “game” and “real-life” and if there was any overlap. We’re all on the edge of our seat wondering if any of our predictions come true with Matt presents his piece in our first full-length play festival, Soap Gets in Your Eyes. Check it out!

“Not Yet Titled” by Amanda Keating

Last week Amanda brought us a tapestry of complex characters beautifully woven together by the closing of a school in a community that seems to be falling apart.  Amanda still hasn’t decided on the name, but she certainly nailed each character’s specific voice and need right out of the gates. In the face of loss, each character tries to evaluate what they really want in life and if the town of Wyman is the perfect or worst place for each of them to find some sort of happiness.

What we learned: IMG_5866

1. Don’t waste your time with instant coffee. Life is too short and it is time wasted. Literally, this was a wonderful point made by one of Amanda’s characters and it rang true in many, many ways.

2. “You had me at Sky & Telescope.” Tim Duncheon gave this little bit of feedback and made the whole room roar with laughter. I guess Tim used to be very into Astronomy as a kid (I almost typed Astrology, whoops), and had a subscription to the RIVAL Astronomy magazine. Yes, for all of you that are interested, you can have your pick of the magazines about the sky. Love it.

3. Much of this play had coffee drinking and/or mentions of meals. Consumption can be a flippant word when referring to consumerism or waste, but there is an act of taking something in that is entirely enveloped with love. For instance, the act of eating squid stew with a character’s mother kept coming up and it meant something to each and every character on the stage and to all of us listening to the work. Sometime what fills our bellies fills our hearts.

That’s all for now, but please check back later this week for another roundup and the announcement of our new festival! Be well!