Happily Ever Robots: A Night of Short Plays
robot and mermaid
That’s right it came true.  Our dream of hosting a successful night of short plays filled with amazing talent, led by daring directors and enjoyed by a really good looking audience has happened!

What people are saying about Happily Ever Robots
I’m uncomfortable laughing at dark humor-Kelly M.
I thought there would be more robots-Ronan T.
 I thought there would be more reviews-Jen B.

We feel very close to everybody that came out and plan to keep in touch.  And if you’re having trouble forgetting that first magical night then you’ve come to the right place!

This is where we’ll share:

-details about upcoming lather, rinse, repeat projects
-interviews with lrr playwrights
-our deepest, darkest, sexiest secrets

We’d also like to invite you to join us in social media land, be sure to join the conversation using #LRRIT. (just look to your right to see all the fun we’re having!)

So, we’re just about finishing up the rinse cycle and will be repeating very soon, lathering up for another ten weeks of long form presentations, putting that age old adage, i’ll show you mine, if you show me yours, into practice.

lrrIT_with love,
lather, rinse, repeat