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The Monthly Wash Issue II

Welcome to Issue II of THE MONTHLY WASH.  If you thought February was full wait until you see March!  We’ve got world premieres, we’ve reached out across multiple states, some old favorites and of course a LOT of new work.  Hope you’re hungry cause we’re excited to share what we’ve got cookin’.


Baby-Mama-Pic-FB-(update) (2)






Mariah MacCarthy shines in this raunchy, hilarious and heartbreaking one-woman performance based on her own experience as a birth mother.

Tickets are just $20 (best twenty bucks you’ll ever spend) HERE!

Tuesdays from February 17 to March 10 | Ensemble Studio Theatre 549 W. 52nd Street


Our newest members might just be our busiest as Gina Femia is at it again with another a exciting new piece.

Michelle and Joy are a couple who love roller derby. But when Joy gets on the Brooklyn Scallywags and meets the star, Lizzie Lightning, they find their lives turned upside down. For The Love Of (or The Roller Derby Play) asks how much you’re willing to sacrifice – or lose – in order to follow your heart.

Tickets are free but seating is limited so please e-mail to reserve seats

March 5 & 6 | The Wright Theatre at Sarah Lawrence College, 1 Meade Way, Bronxville NY



begborrowsteal (2)

We’re only a little jealous that new member Matt Barbot is playing with his other playwright friends in this collection of new works.

8 playwrights. 10 minutes each. 1 show you don’t want to miss! Beg, Borrow, Steal consists of 8 short plays created by 8 talented Columbia MFA playwrights: Matt Barbot, Stephen Foglia, Aeneas Sagar Hemphill, Becca Plunkett, Alix Sobler, Ellen Steves, Callan Stout, and Alexandra Viteri Arturo.

Tickets are FREE! Reserve your spot via

March 5, 6, at  8PM, March 7 at 3PM and 8PM | Schapiro Theatre (615 W 115th Street, NY NY)








Jen Browne and Lauren Ferebee are at it again and this time they’re heading to Dallas for the Out of the Loop Fringe Festival with new piece YouNeed GoSearch.  Created with Timothy Giles and Montgomery Sutton You Need Go Search is an off-kilter hero’s journey following four people in unusual clothes whose lives are lit by flashlights and dime-store lanterns, anchored by broken stuff and communicated via bubbles. The show is rich, magical, theatrical and fun, that’s four good reasons right there to buy your ticket to Dallas and YouNeed GoSearch.

For More info visit: OUT OF THE LOOP


the gnome

We could not be more excited for Isaac and the world premiere of the The Gnome at Barter Theatre in Virginia.  

A story of family, wishes, greed, magic, snow and department stores. Barry works at All-Mart and lives with his brother, the cop, and secretly desires his brother’s wife, Yvonne. Needless to say, things are not going well for Barry. Suddenly appearing from the melting snow of winter is a magical Gnome, whose powers transform everyone’s life, but not without consequences.

Get some insight into the piece with this awesome interview with Mr. Rathbone himself: Playwright Interview

Tickets and more info about the show and Barter Theatre can be found HERE!

March 13th-May 16th | Barter Theatre Stage II Abingdon, VA


All you need to know is that Tim Duncheon wrote this play, the same Tim Duncheon that brought us the most amazing pirate musical ever made.

It’s the Revolutionary War, and British-occupied Philadelphia is no picnic! Newspaper printer Jacob Palmer thinks his financial troubles are over when he agrees to print British propaganda and advertise the British Army’s new play. But when Benjamin Franklin arrives on a secret mission, Jacob finds himself caught in a dangerous game, committing treason against both sides. Worse, Jacob’s family begins to declare independence—and not from Britain, but from him. Very loosely based on a true story, this satirical farce turns our American origin myth upside down to find that words like “freedom” and “truth” are dangerously—but hilariously—fickle.

The reading will be directed by Kyle Metzger and followed by a reception with light refreshments!

Thursday, March 19th at 4 p.m. | Ripley-Grier Studios (520 8th Avenue), Room 17H



That’s right we always have more exciting things in the works including our very own Lather, Rinse, Repeat #podcast! Keep your eyes and ears open for the unveiling of this very exciting new endeavor!  That’s it for March we’ll see you in April with our next round of shout outs in The Monthly Wash Issue III

#Selfie Pussyfest III The Reckoning

Lucky, lucky me I get to interview Mariah MacCarthy about Caps Lock Theatre’s upcoming fundraising event Pussyfest III The Reckoning.   I’m happy to say that my Pussyfest shirt arrived in the mail today and I am wearing it as we speak.  Y’all prepare to break the 11th commandant, thou shall not covet thy neighbors t-shirt.


Mariah, Pussyfest is upon us.  Can you talk us through the festival and just how exactly it works, how it all comes together? Why is a show like this important both to your company Caps Lock Theatre but also the great indie community?

MM: Basically, Leta (my co-artistic director) and I pick out 60 playwrights we like and 60 actresses we like and pair them together randomly. Then the playwright writes a custom-made monologue about the body for that actress. We give four-five monologues at a time to directors, then the pieces get rehearsed and are performed, script-in-hand, one time only, over the course of three entirely different nights. (We also have musical guests opening the show each night, so come early!) It comes together through endless, endless email. Seriously. If I earned a penny for every email message labeled “Pfest” in Gmail, we wouldn’t even need to do the fundraiser because I’d be rich rich rich.

Pussyfest is one of my favorite things to happen all year. It ends up being magnificently empowering almost by accident. We tell playwrights up front, look, this isn’t The Vagina Monologues, your piece does NOT have to be about vaginas or women’s empowerment. But because the monologues are so diverse, we get to see a huge range of what women can do onstage, which sadly isn’t the case at most plays. It brings together a huge number of people (one hundred and forty artists!) in the name of playing and kickass actresses.
Not only that, but the monologues are so good. SO good. I can be impartial because I didn’t write one this year. They’re funny and sad and sexy and silly and poetic and guttural and just brilliant across the board. You WILL be entertained.
Pussyfest is my Christmas. Ho ho ho, mother fuckers.

This will be my first Pussyfest can you fill me in on what I’ve missed in years past and tell the world why,aside from the full force of the Lather Rinse Repeat playwrights behind you,  The Reckoning will be the best yet?

The Reckoning is the biggest Pussyfest we’ve had. Last year we only did 40 monologues. This year it’s up to 60. I also was somehow able to convince brilliant writers like Jose Rivera, Mike Daisey, Sheila Callaghan, and Winter Miller to write for us this year, so I’m totally starstruck.

This year’s Pussyfest is bigger, badder, and it’s like a well-oiled machine at this point – in past years I’ve done Pussyfest all by my lonesome; this year I have not only Leta, I also have two Associate Producers, Sarah Matteucci and Daniel John Kelley (who are also Pussyfest artists and alumni!), and they are just God damn wonderful. They’re the bees’ knees. They’re the meatballs to my spaghetti.

Not that you would ever play favorites but are there any playwright/actor/combos you’re most excited about?

It’s an embarrassment of riches, really. Playing favorites is nearly impossible. But indie geek theater demigod Mac Rogers wrote a monologue for Cathy Curtin of Orange Is the New Black involving a whip, and it’s delicious. Our own Isaac Rathbone wrote a monologue for Lilli Stein involving a violin solo, which I can’t wait to hear. Diana Oh is performing an absolutely filthy monologue by Don Nguyen called STANLEY MOTHERFUCKING KOWALSKI and I can’t wait to hear that either. If you get me started on this game I’ll never be able to stop so I might as well stop now, because they are ALL so damn exciting.
If you had access to every playwright, actor, and director in the world what’s the greatest combo you could ever imagine?
Oh man, and I can only choose one of each? I’d write a monologue for Greta Gerwig and have Sam Gold direct it. Somebody make this happen.

What does the future hold for Pussyfest and Caps Lock?

Everything raised at Pussyfest goes to the remount of my immersive site-specific apartment party play, Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion! It’s happening in Williamsburg in January 2015; make sure you’re signed up for our mailing list to get all the Caps Lock updates!
As for Pussyfest: There will soon be a Pussyfest CHANNEL! If you become a member of the Caps Lock Treehouse, you’ll have access to this channel, get free tickets to all our shows and fundraisers, and much, much more. More deets on that here.

4 LRR Playwrights Featured at Hell’s Kitchen Commons

This Monday August 11 at 7pm thanks to Hell’s Kitchen Commons, the West 45th/46th Street Block Association and the Irish Arts Center we’re serving up a theatrical smorgasbord to the people of Hell’s Kitchen.

Check out FREE readings from four of our lovely LRR playwrights:

Spirit Dust by Natalie Wilson
The Ferryman by Isaac Rathbone
Pity the Fools by Mila Golubov
Love is a Blind Squirrel by Jen Browne

Talented Actor Folk:

  • Mike Callaghan
  • Nick Cocchetto
  • Gabby Sherba
  • Peter Smith
  • Sarah Todes

Bring chairs, blankets and snacks to Matthews Palmer Playground.

The fun continues with on August 25th with another Hell’s Kitchen Commons Play in the park night featuring Fundamental Theater Project’s new play Sanctuary Park by Ben Holbrook

For more details visit:

See the Partners’ websites for more info on their Partnerness:

West 45th/46th Street Block Association

Hell’s Kitchen Commons is the program name sponsored by the Block Association

Mathew’s Palmer Playground

Irish Arts Center

Fundamental Theater Project

Guest Star Selfie #5

Sadly, I couldn’t be there that legendary day that the amazing Sergei Burbank graced us with his presence as our guest star. , I remedied that omission by reaching out to him and finding out a little more about his work. And now, a few months later, here it is, that wonderful moment when words – and worlds – collided.

Lauren Ferebee: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your art, and how you came to Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Sergei Burbank: I’m a performer-turned-writer-turned-producer. I followed some very good advice to be heedful of where there was a gap, and I quickly saw that while there was little need of another chronically insecure performer, there would be some utility for me as a playwright, and even more as a facilitator / producer. So that’s kept me busy. My plays tend to emerge from arguments I have in my head, so the themes revolve around race, gentrification, and war, mostly. I guess the theme I’m fixated on most consistently is cruelty: that shows up front and center in most of my pieces. For more blah blah blah people can go to my website: [] After a decade or so of producing my own work I was happily absorbed into Oracle Theatre Inc., founded by Jennifer and Isaac Rathbone, and I’ve been with them for the past few years helping to coordinate their various reading series and full productions. It was through Isaac that I got invited to sit in with LRR for a session.

Lauren Ferebee: What are you excited about right now, in your own work & in the theatre world in general?

Sergei Burbank: I’m helping develop the script for a new (partial) Henriad (Henry IV, parts 1 and 2, and Henry V) that Oracle will run in rep this fall with an original work by LLR’s own Isaac Rathbone. We’re drawing out the script process over many months, and I really enjoy longer schedules like this because it allows for more profound discoveries.

In the wider theater world I’m very excited that technology has become cheap enough to allow both mainstream and indie theater productions to incorporate film with live performance.

Lauren Ferebee: Career highlights?

Sergei Burbank: I’m grateful to have found a creative home with Oracle Theatre Inc. Being invited to join their company was a wonderful validation of my work thus far.

Lauren Ferebee: You’re our Guest Star. What’s the one ridiculous rider in your Star Contract that we have to fulfill (like green M&Ms, peacocks in the dressing room, etc.)?

Sergei Burbank: London Underground – themed towels. And Pat Kiernan on hand to read interesting articles aloud to me as he finds them.

Lauren Ferebee: Why New York? What keeps you here?

Sergei Burbank: I’m a native, so it is a lucky coincidence that I eventually decided to work in theater, since I could do it in my hometown. I stay because the more I see of other places, it’s clear I don’t belong anywhere else.


Weekly Round-Up 3.5

Jeremy Wine knows how to make people laugh, whether it be tickling them with his amazing handlebar moustache, or with his amazing words. On March 4th, Jeremy presented his hilarious full-length play Pre-Fabricated Homes. It’s a piece that explores the bizarre life of Ralph, Meredith and their son Standley, who brings his college girlfriend home to meet the fam. It is a dark and hilarious look at modern suburban philosophies about acceptance and tolerance. Our guest star for the evening was the talented Kevin Free, who offered his wisdom and life experiences during our feedback.  The evening included highlights such as:

1) Checkers, Mai Tais & Incest: Yup. It’s Jeremy Wine Night.

2) Some of us are into that sort of thing: This was our second consecutive play that included a “safeword.”

3) Beet Salads: Nothing beats a beet salad, especially one shared between friends.

4) How do you like them Apples?: A simple typo in the text brought up the question of whether the character Apple Adams was in fact a transgender TV personality. Take the time to edit your work, people!

5) It was really [expletive]ing cold: Old Man Winter either needs to die or be put in a home, because this ornery bastard is now messing with our art.

6) Sketches of a Prostitute: Though this could be the title of one of our plays, but it actually was what Mila Gublov doodled during our feedback.

7) Lifting each other up: We all agreed that Jen was too good to be the wife of the character Jeff.

8) I bring you….KONG!: The character of Ralph has a dark past, which involves going into a beastlike, uncontrollable rage called “Going Kong.” Which begged the question: Can you “Go Kong” twice in one day? And how does one’s age affect how many times one can successfully “Go Kong.”

9) Costco: A great place to buy Raman in bulk, power tools and sea bass as well as have an existential crisis.

10) Working up a good lather: We are now officially past our halfway point of our first cycle. We feel so clean……………

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