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3.1 Weekly Roundup – Natalie Wilson, The Innkeeper (L’Aubergiste)

We’re back!!!

We started another “Lather” round on Tuesday, February 4. Natalie Wilson presenter her newest full length play, The Inkeeper (L’Aubergiste) and it was a blast.

Here are some observations from the week:

1. #gueststar – One of our lovely members, Lauren Ferebee, was awarded an amazing opportunity to be a artist in residence at Hub-Bub in South Carolina. We already miss her like crazy. But to keep the bed warm (as they say) we came up with a “guest star” spot. Each week we invite an artist we respect and admire to join the group and help provide feedback. Our first guest star, Sergei Burbank, was a total delight. Please check him out at

Caitlin McEwan and Carolyn Popp star in The Inkeeper

Caitlin McEwan and Carolyn Popp star in The Inkeeper

2. #whysocold – Seriously. What the hell is going on? This winter is unreasonable.

3. #aplacetohangyourhat – All of the members of Lather, Rinse, Repeat rejoiced once we found our new artistic home, Local 138! Each week we get to meet in a cozy back room of a bar with a $3 drink happy hour and a rockin’ fish sandwich & fries next door. It’s an unhealthy heaven, the type of heaven we could all get used to.

Tim Duncheon, Jeremy Wine and Mariah MacCarthy focus on Natalie Wilson's play

Tim Duncheon, Jeremy Wine and Mariah MacCarthy focus on Natalie Wilson’s play

4. #aboyhousewouldmakefartnoises – Natalie wrote the most charming, mystical play about a house with a mind of its own. No one wants to give away the story, but there was a heated debate about the gender, temperament,and ulterior motives of said house. The play also aroused our curiosity regarding ogres, gypsies and whether or not people in small towns have passports. You had to be there. But if this play will only get better from here… trust me, you will see it soon enough.

5. #actorfriends – Thank you to all of the actors who came in to read on a cold winter night: Caitlin McEwan, Carolyn Popp, Ryan George, Cathy Curtin, David Sitler, and Yea Bin Diana Oh.

6. #photos – We decided as a group that we really needed to take photos of each reading. So luckily Tim Errickson followed through. Also, the image at the top is the ACTUAL house that inspired this great play. You can see Natalie and her trusty iPad in the foreground. Ah, the romance of France.

Until next week… keep up the good work!

The Wondrous Gift of a Great Writing Group

I got to meet my baby no. 3 last night. That is, my third full-length play. I got to sit in a room, surrounded by 8 other brilliant theater minds and listen to 6 gifted actors bring this fledgling script to life. I got to hear laughter, and gasps, and murmurs of recognition in response to words I wrote and a world I created. All in the back room of a little bar on the LES drinking $3 drinks.

An experience like this is a heady one, to be sure. The value of it is hard to overstate. As a playwright, you never truly know what you have until you hear it in other people’s mouths, and until there are people in the room to react to it. Especially that very first time — oh, it is so scary and so delicious! And so rare, as it isn’t like you can write a whole new full-length play every month. I have had this privilege three times now — a fact I feel pretty good about since I have only been writing plays for 5 years. I can guarantee you I would not have had the experience I had last night without my writing group.

I think most any playwright — or novelist or writer of any ilk, I would imagine — will tell you that the greatest obstacle is actually sitting down to write. With no looming deadline, no boss over your shoulder demanding that work be done or you won’t get paid, it is easy to let plays languish for months and years unfinished.

Classes can help, for sure. Though in classes you only get to hear little chunks — 10 pages, maybe 20 if you’re lucky — at a time, so it is really difficult to know if what you are writing is working. I was in a class this fall, and over 10 weeks I did eek out my pages every week, and I did kinda sorta get through half to two-thirds of a draft of this play. It definitely got me rolling, but it didn’t get me to the finish.

What got me to the finish was knowing that on February 4th, I was committed to bringing in a full work to my writing group. That this play would be in the mouths of actors and in the ears of writers — all of whom’s talent and opinions I respect enough to not want to make an ass out of myself in front of them. My priorities really had to shift the last 6 weeks to take this piece from a vague blob of ideas to a coherent, cohesive draft with a logical beginning, middle and end (and did I mention it is half in French? mon dieu!). I thought I would manage to get it done on my vacation — surely the 12 hours locked in place on a plane would get me at least an act, right? — but found myself the last week having to forsake sleep, exercise, laundry, grocery shopping, husband, friends and work in order to complete this new beast. It was exhausting, it was frustrating, it was exhilarating, it was deeply, deeply satisfying.

And it never would have happened without Lather Rinse Repeat.