Jeremy Wine knows how to make people laugh, whether it be tickling them with his amazing handlebar moustache, or with his amazing words. On March 4th, Jeremy presented his hilarious full-length play Pre-Fabricated Homes. It’s a piece that explores the bizarre life of Ralph, Meredith and their son Standley, who brings his college girlfriend home to meet the fam. It is a dark and hilarious look at modern suburban philosophies about acceptance and tolerance. Our guest star for the evening was the talented Kevin Free, who offered his wisdom and life experiences during our feedback.  The evening included highlights such as:

1) Checkers, Mai Tais & Incest: Yup. It’s Jeremy Wine Night.

2) Some of us are into that sort of thing: This was our second consecutive play that included a “safeword.”

3) Beet Salads: Nothing beats a beet salad, especially one shared between friends.

4) How do you like them Apples?: A simple typo in the text brought up the question of whether the character Apple Adams was in fact a transgender TV personality. Take the time to edit your work, people!

5) It was really [expletive]ing cold: Old Man Winter either needs to die or be put in a home, because this ornery bastard is now messing with our art.

6) Sketches of a Prostitute: Though this could be the title of one of our plays, but it actually was what Mila Gublov doodled during our feedback.

7) Lifting each other up: We all agreed that Jen was too good to be the wife of the character Jeff.

8) I bring you….KONG!: The character of Ralph has a dark past, which involves going into a beastlike, uncontrollable rage called “Going Kong.” Which begged the question: Can you “Go Kong” twice in one day? And how does one’s age affect how many times one can successfully “Go Kong.”

9) Costco: A great place to buy Raman in bulk, power tools and sea bass as well as have an existential crisis.

10) Working up a good lather: We are now officially past our halfway point of our first cycle. We feel so clean……………

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