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  • A Very Merry Round-Up

    2015-12-10 09:21:07


    A Very Merry Round-up of Mariah MacCarthy's "Safeword"

    By Isaac Rathbone

    ‘Twas the last night of our cycle, at Local 138

    The members were stirring, to hear a play that was great.

    The pints were poured by the bartenders with care,

    In hopes that great tips would find a way there.

    The playwrights were excited all snug in our seats,

    Posted by: benjrowne
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  • The Wash VIII

    2015-11-01 11:52:24
    What a crazy weekend! 42nd Annual NYC Halloween Parade, Annual NYC Marathon, Daylight Savings, AND the Eighth Issue of the THE WASH. Wow. Wow. Heavy. Okay so we have some amazing events on the horizon this month from Tim Errickson, he is our Star Washer this month! So get your calendars ready! FROM TIM ERRICKSON | FLIGHTS OF FANCY A NEW
    Posted by: benjrowne
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  • Gina Femia It's the return of the weekly round-up and what a fabulous return it shall be. Tuesday, October 6, Gina Femia brought us Annie and the Fat Man, a charming and engaging new play featuring a fabulous array of wonderful, layered characters. Gina also packed in a amazing group of actors last night, Maki Borden, Stacey Raymond, Kyle Carter, and Erin

    Posted by: benjrowne
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  • The Monthly Wash VII

    2015-10-01 14:02:27
    Summer was, no surprise, VERY busy and September is already off to Florida for the winter. There has been a lot of adventuring and lot of writing since our last Wash! Here's a little recap of our annual summer retreat and the first entry from a new series, Playwright on the Run, featuring reports from our playwrights as they go
    Posted by: benjrowne
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  • The Monthly Wash Issue VI

    2015-08-02 22:55:39
    Everybody is very busy but we're all very glad that you've taken the time read the SIXTH edition of The Monthly Wash, it's not really an official milestone, but still glad to be that much closer to the SEVENTH edition. Six is a little light but still full of worthy theatrical adventures!
    Posted by: benjrowne
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  • Monthly Wash Issue V

    2015-07-01 22:56:47
    BEHOLD! It's Issue V of the Monthly Wash. It's been awhile we know but it certainly has been worth the wait! We've got some super #newplays on the horizon many of which will be presented in dark air conditioned theaters so get your tickets and get your chill on with some icy cool theatre. FROM GINA FEMIA | THE VIOLET SISTERS
    Posted by: benjrowne
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